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Changing your diet can significantly slow down the aging process after 50. Bet on cottage cheese and seafood As soon as you celebrate your 50th birthday, your body begins to undergo natural changes that are noticeable both inside and out. While you can’t stop aging, you can make lifestyle adjustments to at least slow down […]

Fish, fish foods and seafood in general occupy an important place in the human diet due to their high nutritional value. ‘Fish products’ include: fish, crustaceans (shrimps, lobsters, crabs) and molluscs (mussels, clams, cuttlefish, squid, calamari). These foods are a natural source of minerals such as selenium, which is essential for the proper functioning of […]

The term food in English refers to food in the general sense of the word. In relation to animals, we translate it as food or fodder. Food in the generic sense is uncountable, so it cannot form the plural – All the food is cooked and prepared by the restaurant owner. Food becomes a countable […]