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The term food in English refers to food in the general sense of the word. In relation to animals, we translate it as food or fodder. Food in the generic sense is uncountable, so it cannot form the plural – All the food is cooked and prepared by the restaurant owner. Food becomes a countable […]

Throughout geological history, plants have taken over virtually the entire world, but different groups dominate in different biomes. On land, it is mainly taller plants (now we are not referring to their actual height, but to their evolutionary “advancedness”) that are dominant, while in the waters, the species diversity is made up of lower plants, […]

Creamy Italian risotto is one of my favorite dishes. Both for cooking and eating. I enjoy coming up with tasty combinations and enjoy how everything fits together perfectly in the end. Join me in adding another piece to my collection of delicious Italian risotto recipes. I decided to take advantage of the asparagus season starting […]